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Thanks for dropping by. Hammertime Bygg A/S is a young, passionate building company based in Oslo. We specialise in carpentry and building project management services. And we love what we do.


With more than 20 years combined experience in the building industry, we are committed to producing quality work and a great outcome for our clients each and every time. We speak fluent Norwegian and English, which means we can clearly communicate with our clients on their needs.


HammerTime works across the residential and commercial sectors, with strong experience in renovations, refurbishments and extensions.


If you are looking for a qualified, experienced builder that you can trust to work in partnership with you on any small to medium sized project, contact us for a free initial consultation.




Residential and Commercial

Hammertime Bygg A/S is a 'total leverandør', based on Carpentry. We have tilers, painters, membrane (watertightening) professionals in-house and we coordinate Plumbers, Electricians, Tinsmiths, Glass professionals and other trades.


Hammertime Bygg A/S main focus is collaboration with the client to ensure a great result. We encourage feedback from our customers to become better on each project. We are proud of our work, but don't just trust us, get in contact with our references...! Some customers wish to withhold their contact details. We respect their privacy. However, feel free to contact Ben or Anthony to speak about previous projects.




"Hammertime Bygg did a total renovation on large parts of our home in april/may/june 2019. We were very impressed with the end result and the building process. We had a definite deadline (expecting a new family member), something which they took very seriously and delivered all work to agreed times. They were extremely professional and clean in their work, which both we and our neighbours appreciated greatly.

The work done is extremely nice and precise and we received good recommendations during the build. All work was also documented and delivered in paperwork and USB (for eg membrane, insulation), which were were impressed over and helps in the event we sell our home.

What we appreciated most was the total responsibility they took. They organised everything and made the whole build non-stressful for us. We give Hammertime Bygg our strongest recommendation!"


Benedicte and William




Flere Referanser

We guarantee



EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION at each stage of the building process - we speak fluent Norwegian and English


A DOWN-TO-EARTH, HONEST APPROACH to each and every project, no matter how big or small


NO NONSENSE - we will use our experience to provide the best possible advice to deliver on your expectations.


RESPECT FOR YOUR PROPERTY while we're working on it. No-one likes to see their house trashed by tradesmen. We will keep it clean and tidy.


COMMITMENT TO A GREAT OUTCOME. At Hammertime, we know we're only as good as our last job, and we want every job to exceed expectations.


FLEXIBILITY - we know that every building project does not always go to plan.  We know that unexpected challenges may come up along the way. We understand this and will work with clients through challenges to find the best possible solution.


A SENSE OF HUMOUR - while we take our work very seriously, we like to have a laugh and we enjoy what we do. We bring that passion to the building site each and every day. Life is too short not to love what you are doing!



About Us

Hammertime Bygg A/S was established in April 2013 by business partners Anthony Aynsley and Ben Coon. After following their hearts to Norway, this Kiwi and Aussie first met on the footy field more than 10 years ago. Their friendship moved beyond sport and into the carpentry trade, where the pair have worked alongside each other for over five years. After delivering many successful building projects they decided to join forces and establish Hammertime Bygg A/S.


While Hammertimes core trade is carpentry, the company has a network of partner tradesmen including electricians, plumbers and painters to deliver a total building project from start to finish. As the key point of contact, Hammertime Bygg A/S can make it easier for clients by removing the hassle of dealing with several tradesmen. Both speak fluent English and Ben speaks fluent Norwegian.


Anthony and Ben have extensive experience in small to medium commercial and residential renovations and refurbishments.


And while any tradesman worth his salt can hammer a nail or put up a wall, we are committed to working efficiently and collaboratively with our clients at every step of the process to ensure a quality outcome at a competitive price, each and every time.



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